The Fantastical Art of Pierre Santos

Pierre Santos, otherwise known as the Indigo Kid is a visual artist and sculptor based in the United Kingdom. His main body of work involves fantastical and exaggerated forms of organic bodily shapes. Santos produces hands, mandrakes but more commonly, heads. He has amassed a following on social media where he displays his remarkable work.

A recurring aesthetic in Santos’ work is a multitude of eyes, his pieces usually have a minimum of three eyes; this attribute being the focal point. Santos has stated that his inspirations draw upon religion, spirituality and the third eye chakra. On his Instagram, he explains “What I found interesting is how it signifies the subconscious mind revealing insights about the future… with this in mind I’d thought I’d take it up another level and in my world, it takes a more palatable form where eyes are seen as a medal, a badge of honour!”

Santos has a series of works called “POC”, (people of colour) where he further displays his influences of spirituality, fantasy and science fiction. He recently ventured into creating a zodiac based series, one of which we’ll be exploring today.

“Leo” is the title of this sculpture, a small feminine head made of mixed media materials: resin, polymer clay, metal, and glass. Warm tones are used throughout, mainly consisting of yellow, brown and orange hues. This piece features three eyes, the middle being blue whilst the other two are green. The texture varies, the face smooth with perforation around the cheeks and eyes, the head shrouded in a gold velvet-like material with clay curly hair. The face embellished with jewellery in both the nose and teeth, complete this sculpture.

The feature that draws attention first, like in all Santos’ sculptures is the eyes. The white spheres on the forehead which is unique to this piece, impart a line of symmetry. The adjacent green eyes and the hair split evenly across the face provide balance and further emphasizes the single blue eye in the middle. A distinct warm colour scheme is noted by the yellow accented attire which also serves the purpose of bringing light value. The proportion of the lips in comparison to the rest of the sculpture is large, a common theme in the rest of Santos’ work. The contrast of media with the clay hair and the fabric veil humanises the composition and offers unity. These elements combined present Santos’ artistic interpretation of the zodiac sign, Leo.

To understand Santos’ design choices, we must explore the characteristics of the sign ruled by the sun. Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac and is represented by a lion. The traits often associated with Leo’s are that of charisma, creativity, and confidence, which is further heightened by the fire element. Moreover, their modality is fixed in nature, they like to finish what is started by themselves or others and will see a project through to the end. Taking all this into consideration, as this piece is influenced by this zodiac sign, we know that the design elements are relevant. The colour scheme is a prime example, the warm tones display the body of a lion, sunbeams, and the appearance of fire. The gold veil occupies a new meaning of a lion’s mane or the illumination of the sun which is further implied by the yellow highlights present in the hair.

This artwork fully encompasses the aesthetic and nature of the Leo zodiac sign by choice of colour scheme and media chosen. The head presents a person of courageous and daring style, a trait often associated with Leos. This sculpture has vibrancy and light value, similar to how the sun shines and rules the fifth sign of the zodiac. True to Santos’ style, the eyes and mouth remain the focal point, adding a mystical edge to his work. His other-worldly inspirations are apparent in every piece.

Pierre Santos creates a fanciful universe with his sculptures, his style unique and revitalising the contemporary art space. I look forward to seeing more of his ethereal and innovative work.

All images courtesy of Pierre Santos. Copyright © 2021 Pierre Santos.

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