5 Contemporary Sculptors To Look Out For

1.) Murjoni Merriweather

Murjoni Merriweather—more commonly known as Murjoni—is an exciting novel sculptor residing in Maryland, USA. Her work centres around Black fashion customs, from Afrocentric hairstyles to teeth grills. Murjoni exercises her art in different mediums like ceramics and more notably her innovative use of synthetic braiding hair. In an interview with Goat, Murjoni states “There are so many features that are stereotyped and looked at as negative, and I think grills were one of those. For us, they’re like teeth jewellery. But in the media, it’s usually portrayed as intimidating, scary. I wanted to normalize little things that we have in our culture.”

Read more of the interview via the link: https://www.goat.com/editorial/murjoni-merriweather-artist-interview

2.) Beth Cavener

Beth Cavener is an acclaimed sculptor residing in Montana, USA. Her work consists of animal forms in human-like poses and expressions. Cavener’s art features vibrant colour schemes and mixed media with a tendency to use stoneware. Cavener has stated previously in a Vimeo video, “I use animal bodies to encapsulate some sort of human emotion or idea. These are portraits of people. There are parts of their bodies that don’t belong there if they’re animals: collarbones, belly buttons, human genitalia. Plus, the gestures and the way they’re expressing themselves is completely off-kilter with anything that is more primal. It is all very self-conscious and self-reflective.”

Watch the rest of the video on her website via the link: https://followtheblackrabbit.com/about/

3.) Michael Chukes

Michael Chukes—professionally known as Chukes—is an illustrious well-established sculptor based in California, USA. His work features fantastical forms of the human face and body, with his recent work centring around women. Chukes’ work consists of ceramics and the occasional bold use of colour. Hair being a focal point in his art for its creative appearance. Chukes has stated on his website, “A man will never be a man without first understanding the female. As a male artist, my greatest stumbling block has been my inability to get in touch with my emotions. These lessons I have learned from women have profoundly enhanced my creative approach.”

Read the rest of his artist statement on his website via the link: https://chukesart.com/home.html

4.) Luo Li Rong

Luo Li Rong is a highly esteemed sculptor originally from Hunan Province, China and now lives in Europe. Her work centres around women in sensual and ethereal essences. Rong uses bronze with white elements to offer the impression of the dresses swaying against the women’s bodies. My Modern Met states that Luo Li Rong is inspired by “Renaissance and Baroque sculpting techniques” in order to create her vision of feminine dream-like beauty.

Read more of that article via the link: https://mymodernmet.com/realistic-sculptures-luo-li-rong/

5.) Jesse Thompson

Jesse Thompson is a surrealist sculptor based in Rhode Island, USA. His work consists of childlike figures with added uncanny elements and positions. Thompson limits his colour palette to dull tones with his more notable works being grey-scaled and uses resin casting for his art. Thompson has stated in an interview with Providence Online, “For whatever reason, I have this affinity for the weird, ugly and uncomfortable, and a sort of distaste for the beautiful and lovely.”

Read more of this interview via the link: https://providenceonline.com/stories/for-whatever-reason-i-have-this-affinity-for-the-weird-ugly-and-uncomfortable,10205

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