Girls just want to have fun you say
but my fun is bleeding out.
Don’t get me wrong I know fun is subjective,
my father likes golf, whilst I rather reject this
my mother loves to bake, but packet mix tastes good to me.
And yet I take issue, dare I say offence
in this whimsical bullshit that demands amends
because if girls just want to have fun…
how come we aren’t having fun anymore?
Nights out are a laugh
So are walks in the park
but heaven forbid you go when its dark-
or light for that matter.
I guess safety and solace must lack fun
because 97% of us are so fucking done.
Don’t tell me to smile, don’t tell me it’s fine
because maybe your fun is just different to mine.
Girls no longer want fun, what we want is protection
Not this sickening, smile with your teeth, sweetheart projection
We are done with the blame, with the assault and the scrutiny
I’m hanging up my fun, what we need is a mutiny.

Grace Martin

Grace Martin is a feminist, queer poet, who believes that poetry can be the truest form of self-expression. She is a final year English student at the University of Nottingham and the editor of the UON Amnesty International society blog, where she writes about human rights and social justice.

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