‘This four-part illustration series titled, “Among the Cities” created in 2021 is based on an excerpt of text by Jan Morris. The pieces were created digitally using Procreate on an iPad. These illustrations came from a university project in which we had to visually respond to an excerpt of text. In her book, Among the Cities, Morris describes a “mushroom feeling in Manhattan” and a city overgrown with jungles leaves. This imagery led me to create the images below’ – Sarah Tuk.

Sarah Tuk

Sarah Tuk is an international student from the USA currently studying art foundation at UAL. She is currently illustrating two children books, as well as running an Etsy shop called “Sketch Responsibly”, where she sells handmade sketchbooks. Tuk plans on continuing with her education and completing a degree in Illustration at the Camberwell College of Arts in the coming years.

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